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What's on in South Australia

More stories based on the picture book character created by Ted Prior.

Adelaide / 4 - 16 October


AGES 4 10

A rocking, outback adventure to find the great hiccup cure.

Noarlunga / 21 - 22 October

Murray Bridge / 26 October

Goolwa / 28 - 29 October

What's on Tour

Your most burning questions answered… sort of

Perth / 28 September - 1 October

More stories based on the picture book character created by Ted Prior.

A stage adaptation of the global TV sensation.

Victoria / 27 - 29 October

Melbourne / 1 November

New York City / 15 November



AGES 12+

An epic story of displacement, loss, and adapting to different worlds.

Sun Runners

AGES 8 12

An intergalactic audio adventure


AGES 12+

We're smashing the glass slipper.

Baba Yaga


A new take on an old Eastern European folktale guaranteed to give you lots to chew on.


AGES 2 7

What happens when someone new comes to town?


AGES 8 108

Full of twists and turns, it’s a whole new spin on a heart of gold.

Girl Asleep

AGES 14+

Fifteen is going to turn a corner. It has to.

Big Bad Wolf

AGES 5 10

The most misunderstood character in fairytale history.

School Dance

AGES 14+

The story of three awkward teens and their hormone-fuelled quest for social acceptability.

Girl Asleep

AGES 14+

Part fairytale and part lipstick-smeared vigilante escapade.

Simply told, powerful theatre about the fragile nature of the schoolyard.


AGES 14+

A hysterical, anarchic knife-edge ride based on the classic folklore Robin Hood.


AGES 8 108

Based on the classic tale and boldly retold as a witty, gothic, rocking, family music theatre spectacular.


AGES 2 6

Based on the much-loved picture book character created by Ted Prior.



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