Creation Creation

Your most burning questions answered… sort of


  • AGES 10+
  • 50mins
  • Low light levels at times, Strobe and haze effects

How did we get here? Are aliens real? And is it possible to lick your elbow?

Based on interviews with members of the South Australian community aged between 8-102, Creation Creation is a comedy about life’s biggest mysteries.

We’ve asked two fearless creators to step onto the stage and attempt to unravel the mysteries of the universe using whatever tools they have at their disposal. Cardboard boxes become battleships and ping pong balls become planets in this hilarious explosion of art, sculpture and puppetry.

A daring and audacious journey to the very edge of the universe and back again. It’s a wild theatrical experiment for the curious among us.


Some of the big questions tackled during this show, raised and then answered by the general public children and adults we interviewed, include; ‘how did the world begin?’, ’is there other life in the universe?’, ‘how are babies made?’, ‘what does dying feel like?’, and ‘what will life on earth be like in 1,000 years?’. These questions and answers are played out by our performers in gentle, moving and fun ways. Viewer discretion is advised, viewer curiosity is recommended.

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Official Trailer

Creation Creation: Artists in Residence Project

The Creation Creation Artist in Residence Program was an epic collaboration between Windmill, artists Fleur Elise Noble, Chris Edser and Tim Bennett and the students of Clovelly Park Primary School.

Students were invited to answer some of the burning mysteries explored in the show Creation Creation and then worked with Noble, Edser and Bennett to create a series of stop-motion animations that depicted their findings.

At Windmill we’re always in awe of the thoughtfulness and sophistication of young people. The Artists in Residence project shows these brilliant young students at their most inquisitive, crafty and clever.

We hope you enjoy watching their creations and create your own documentary works in the classroom.

Access and Inclusion

Every performance of Creation Creation is AUSLAN interpreted.

Meet the Cast and Creative Team

Rosemary Myers

Co-Creator, Director

Under Rose’s leadership as Artistic Director, Windmill creates and presents work inspired by the vibrancy, sophistication and inventiveness of young people and the exhilarating challenges they pose to creating theatre of relevance in this modern time.

Rose is a multi-Helpmann Award nominated director, her productions regularly visit leading stages and festivals around Australia and the world, including the Sydney Opera House, Hong Kong’s Arts and Leisure Centre and New York’s New Victory Theatre. Her directing credits for Windmill include Rumpelstiltskin, Pinocchio, The Wizard of Oz, Fugitive, School Dance, Big Bad Wolf and Girl Asleep.

Prior to Windmill, Rosemary was the Artistic Director of Arena Theatre Company and Artistic Director of Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s Out of the Box Festival in 2010. In 2015, she directed her first feature film Girl Asleep with Windmill Theatre Co, and in 2017 she was awarded the prestigious Australia Council Theatre Award.

Roslyn Oades

Co-Creator, Audioscript, Interviews

Roslyn Oades is an award-winning theatre-maker and documentary artist. She is best known for pioneering work in the field of headphone-verbatim theatre. Her original works for stage include: Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday, I’m Your Man, In a Deep Dark ForestCutaway–A Portrait, Stories of Love & Hate and Fast Cars & Tractor Engines.

She also creates site-based audio experiences, including: Cell 26 an audio work for a prison bed, Sea Stories an audio work for sunrise and The Nightline a listening club for insomniacs. She harbors an ongoing fascination with innovative creative non-fiction forms of art making.

Jonathon Oxlade

Co-Creator, Designer, Performer

Jonathon has designed set and costumes for Queensland Theatre, LaBoite Theatre, isthisyours?, Aphids, Arena Theatre Company, Polyglot, The Real TV Project, Polytoxic, Men of Steel, Lemony S Puppet Theatre, Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Vitalstatistix and Barking Gecko.

He has also worked with Bell Shakespeare, The Border Project, State Theatre of South Australia, Dead Puppet Society, The Last Great Hunt, Sydney Theatre Company, The Escapists, Melbourne Theatre Company, Sandpit, Belvoir St Theatre and Windmill Theatre Co, where he is resident designer. Jonathon has received numerous awards. Most recently in 2016, Jonathon was awarded the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship and received APDG awards for both Best Production Design and Best Costume Design for Girl Asleep, and received an AACTA award for best Costume for Girl Asleep.

In 2017, he received the Sydney Theatre Award for Best Costume Design for Mr Burns.

Fleur Elise Noble

Co-Creator, Designer, Performer

Fleur is a maker of all things visual. She works with the mediums of drawing, sculpture, animation, film, puppetry, projection and performance to create 3-dimensional projection performances, akin to giant paper pop-up books that come to life. She studied on scholarships at art schools in Adelaide (ACSA) and New York (NYSS). Her most renowned work to date is her visual performance 2-Dimensional Life of Her, which was invited to perform at over 40 venues and festivals around the world. Her second major production ROOMAN premiered in Melbourne in 2017, after which it went on tour to Europe, the UK and NZ. Fleur has also spent many years working with the Sharing Stories Foundation, developing projects with young people and elders in indigenous communities.

Fleur has won numerous prizes and awards for her work, including a prestigious Bessie (New York Dance and Theatre Award) for most Outstanding Visual Design.

Harry Covill


Harry creates eclectic music/sound design for screen and live performance. In 2017, he graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts. Recent work includes composing the original score for ROBOROVSKI, the animated short film directed by Dev Patel and Tilda Cobham-Hervey which premiered at the 2020 Adelaide Film Festival. Other notable works include composing the original score for the feature film Girl Asleep, directed by Rosemary Myers and the short film, A Field Guide to Being a 12 Year Old Girl directed by Tilda Cobham-Hervey (Crystal Bear).

Harry scored Atlantis as a part of the Belvoir Upstairs season (Belvoir) and has an ongoing collaborative relationship with Back to Back Theatre, where he composed the original score for the internationally acclaimed video project, The Democratic Set and the third iteration of the video series, Radial, created in collaboration with the National Theatre of Scotland. He also created the score and sound design for Windmill Theatre Company’s Big Bad Wolf.

Harry is currently developing the original score for Wandering Stars, an immersive public sculpture/sound work for the inaugural Rising Festival in 2021.

Chris Petridis

Lighting Designer, Technical Designer

Chris completed his Technical Production course at the Adelaide Centre of the Arts. Since graduating, he has been working extensively and continuing to develop his experience across theatre, dance, and other live events both in Australia and overseas.

Chris has worked on State Theatre Company South Australia’s Brothers Wreck, In The Club, Terrestrial, Mr Burns, Red Cross Letters, Eh Joefor the Beckett Tryptych, Gorgon, Masquerade,The Kreutzer Sonata, Maggie Stone and Little Bird, Slingsby Theatre Company’s Songs for Those Who’ve Come Across the Seas, Emil and the Detectives, The Mouse, The Bird and the Sausage, Theatre Republic’s Lines, Is This Yours’ Angelique, Brink Productions’ Long Tan, Tiny Bricks’ Deluge plus many more. Chris also worked on If There was a Colour Darker than Black, I’d Wear It, a multimedia performance project for Country Arts SA. Chris has been the lighting designer for Windmill Theatre Co’s Beep, Grug and the Rainbow, Big Bad Wolf and The Story Thieves.

Carol Wellman Kelly

Movement Consultant

Carol was made in Australia and studied dance at the Victorian College of the Arts. She has extensive experience in performing, teaching and choreographing both nationally and internationally. From 1992 – 1999, she worked as a freelancer in London.

She was the assistant director for Garry Stewart and ADT (2000-2008), rehearsal director for Tasdance, Artistic advisor and Project manager Restless dance Theatre, Movement lecturer Flinders University Drama department, member Board of Directors, Australia Council, Ausdance and SA and Audio Describer for theatre and dance. Carol’s work with Windmill Theatre Co includes The Wizard of Oz, Girl Who Cried Wolf, Pinocchio, Big Bad Wolf  and Rumpelstiltskin.

Dan Cleasby

AUSLAN interpreter & Performer

Dan Cleasby, a young student from Adelaide, South Australia, was one of the community members interviewed as part of the process for developing the audio script used in Creation Creation. Immediately won over by his bubbly personality, the creative team saw an opportunity to add a unique element to the production, embedding Dan’s visual vernacular language into the show by projecting a film of him signing the entire performance on to a section of the set.


  • Co-Creator, Director Rosemary Myers
  • Co-Creator, Audioscript, Interviews Roslyn Oades
  • Co-Creator, Designer, Performer Jonathon Oxlade
  • Co-Creator, Designer, Performer Fleur Elise Noble
  • Composer Harry Covill
  • Lighting Designer, Technical Designer Chris Petridis
  • Movement Consultant Carol Wellman Kelly
  • AUSLAN interpreter & Performer Dan Cleasby


The 2021 world premiere season was presented by Adelaide Festival Centre’s DreamBIG Children’s Festival.

The creative development of Creation Creation was supported by the Windmill Studio Collective. Original creative development supported by Sandpit and Country Arts SA.


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