How long is a piece of string?

Unravelling incredible new stories with awesome artists.

As an artist led company, Windmill assembles amazing creative teams to pull at the threads of imagination and see what unravels. 2022 is a pivotal moment in the history of our company, with our creatives stringing together stage, screen and digital environments to inspire and entertain more audiences than ever before.

At Windmill, the list of creative possibilities is as long as a piece of string. With you by our side, there’s no limit to what Windmill can achieve.

Thank you sew much for your support.

Windmill Studio Collective

The Studio Collective is a group who come together to make a large, collective impact in the creation of one new work every year. Members enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Witness how contemporary Australian work for young people moves from page to stage
  • Receive exclusive invitations to intimate and specifically tailored experiences including closed rehearsals and opening night parties
  • As part of the Windmill family, get to know our company and team of artists
  • Gain access to exciting offers and discounts



Chris & Susan Stewart, Diané Ranck, Ginger & Barry Fitzpatrick, Helen Black, Jane Doyle, Joanne Griffiths, Nadia Bobaly, PS & SJ Smith, Roger & Helen Salkeld, Ronald Bannear, Rosey Batt, Sheryn Foord, Simone Vinall, Steve Smith & Kaye Weeks, Sue Gredley, Rick Frolich (Tynte Flowers).

Corporate Partnerships

Our partnerships provide direct access to the company, our productions and audiences. We offer a range of opportunities that can be tailored to meet your objectives through linking your business with specific seasons, touring regions, projects and initiatives.

Partnership with Windmill can deliver exclusive tailored events for your staff, clients and their families, engagement with and access to Windmill patrons, audiences and stakeholders, networking opportunities with our influential business partners and board members, plus much more.

If you would like to discuss a unique, tailored partnership, please contact:

Anthony Nocera, Marketing and Communications Manager


Trusts and Foundations

Windmill works in partnership with a range of funding bodies, foundations and individuals with private ancillary funds. As one of Australia’s leading and most awarded theatre companies, we help you successfully deliver innovation and excellence in the arts, skills and professional development, organisational capacity building, plus much more.

Thanks to our Supporters

When you make a gift, you become a member of our Fan Club. A big thank you to our generous Fan Club Patrons:

$25,000+ Benefactor

Roger and Helen Salkeld

$5,000+ Diamond

Scholz Vinall

$2,000+ Gold

Ginger and Barry Fitzpatrick, Chris & Susan Stewart

$1,000+ Ruby

Chris & Susan Stewart, Diané Ranck, , Helen Black, Jane Doyle, Joanne Griffiths, PS & SJ Smith, Roger & Helen Salkeld, Ronald Bannear, Rosey Batt, Sheryn Foord, Simone Vinall, Steve Smith & Kaye Weeks, Sue Gredley, Rick Frolich (Tynte Flowers).

$500+ Silver

Jamie Anderson, Sandy Verschoor, Kittel Family, Judy & George Potter, Simon Blewett & Rebecca Anderson, Pamela Ball, Anonymous (1)

$100+ Bronze

Isabelle Danforth-Smith, David and Annette Pinnock, Sheila Jordine, Greta Atkinson, Melinda Cronin, Sylvie Huigen, Marilyn Rae, Sandra Kanck, Adele Walker, C Adams, Belinda Oakley, PJ Rose, Vesna Maletic, Matthew Briggs, Valerie and Raymond Wales, Elizabeth McDonald, Thuc Wilson, Phoebe & Micah Then,Amanda Macri, Aaron Biglands, Jane Thompson, Karen Aust, Allan O’Connor, Richard Ryan, Diana Fry, Candy Grunwald, Sarah L Coffey, S & M Djukanovic, Kathryn Mckenzie, Amy Ide, Charlotte Bright, Shirin Lim, Gus Zahra, Chris and Susan Stewart, Rosemary & Mark Archer, Dr Peter Mitchell, Sue Gredley, Ben Robinson, Margaret Crohn, Anonymous (5)

Thanks to our Partners

We acknowledge the generous support of our government, corporate and philanthropic partners.

Government Partners

Education Partners

  • South Australian Department for Education
  • Lang Foundation

Access and Inclusion Partners

Philanthropic Partner

Media Partners

  • The Advertiser

Contact Us

For more information on supporting us, please contact:


Marketing and Communications Manager


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