Five questions with Fleur

Meet Fleur. She’s the co-creator, co-designer and performer in Creation Creation. We asked her some questions about the show and what it was like to make.


1. What was the creative process like in making Creation Creation?
It was fun! It involved a lot of talking about and listening to weird and wonderful ideas, and then finding ways to bring them to life. We tried many things, some worked well, and some not so well. Creating the show was like a giant experiment. I absolutely loved working with the creative team and learnt so much from being a part of the process.


2. When you were designing the show alongside Jonathon Oxlade, what was your inspiration? And, why cardboard?
We wanted the show to look and feel as though it had been made quickly and spontaneously, with the kind of stuff that people often have lying around the house. Stuff like cardboard, paper, tape, and toilet plungers!


3. What’s your favourite question in the show?
My favourite question is, what’s the meaning of life? I love Ronald’s (102 years old) answer to this question. Every time I hear it, I am reminded of the things that really matter in life.


4. If there was a Creation Creation Two, what big mystery do you think we should answer next?
If there was a world-wide blackout, causing all technology to stop working for a whole year, how would people entertain themselves?


5. What do you think is special about this show?
I love this show because it is so different from anything I have ever experienced. It is funny, magical and deeply moving. It inspires me to think, feel, and create in new and exciting ways.




Creation Creation returns to Adelaide from 3 – 11 May, Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre. Click here to book.


By Jordan Archer

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