Hans + Gret

How do you grow up in a world that's anti-ageing?


  • AGES 13+
  • 75mins

When Hans and Gret’s mum arrives home from a radical health retreat with the years literally shaved off her, their lives are thrown into chaos.

As parents become teenagers again and kids all over their community start disappearing, the pair are led down a seductive forest path that will see them leave everything they know behind.

Part teenage fever-dream, part dystopian nightmare, Hans and Gret warps reality to epically reinvent a classic fairytale and turn it into a tripped-out psychological thriller pulsing with danger, betrayal, and dread.

Based on an original concept by Rosemary Myers and  written by Lally Katz Hans and Gret is an anarchic, knife-edge world premiere that uses immersive audio technology to plunge audiences into a dangerous world of seduction, mind control and candy.

Don’t eat the gingerbread.


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  • Writer Lally Katz
  • Director Clare Watson
  • Designer Jonathon Oxlade
  • Composer, Sound Designer, Sound System Designer Brendan Woithe
  • Lighting Designer Richard Vabre
  • Movement Consultant Larissa McGowan
  • Dramaturg Sam Haren
  • Concept Rosemary Myers

What the critics say

"Clever and engaging... equal to the best of theatre for youth anywhere."

The Conversation

"It’s risky stuff, made all the more so by the ingenious use of technology on an individual level... a marvel."

The Advertiser

"Utterly fascinating... A production not to be missed."

The Barefoot Review

"★★★★ As innovative as it is spectacular... a dynamic contemporary reworking of an iconic fairytale."

Hi-Fi Way
1. WTC_Hans and Gret_Jo Stone, Dylan Miller, Temeka Lawler and James Smith _ Credit Claudio Raschella4. WTC_ Emily Liu, Temeka Lawlor and Antoine Jelk_ Credit Claudio Raschella5. WTC_ Hans and Gret_Dylan Miller_Credit Claudio Raschella6. WTC_ Hans and Gret_ Antoine Jelk, Temeka Lawlor, James Smith and Emily Liu_ Credit Claudio Raschella6. WTC_ Temeka Lawlor and Gingerbread Man_ Credit Claudio Raschella7. WTC_ Hans and Gret_ Temeka Lawlor_ Credit Claudio Raschella8. WTC_Jo Stone, Dylan Miller, Temeka Lawlor and James Smith_ Credit Claudio Raschella9. WTC_ Hans and Gret_ Temeka Lawlor_ Credit Claudio Raschella12. WTC_ Hans and Gret_Jo Stone, Dylan Miller, Temeka Lawlor, James Smith and Gareth Davies_ Credit Claudio Raschella11. WTC_ Hans and Gret_ Emily Liu, James Smih, Temeka Lawlor and Jo Stone_ Credit Claudio Raschella2. WTC_ Hans and Gret_ Temeka Lawlor and Gareth Davies_ Credit Claudio Raschella3. WTC_ Hans and Gret_ Gareth Davies_ Credit Claudio Raschella


A Windmill Theatre Company and Sandpit production presented in association with Adelaide Festival. Assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body


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