By Jude Henshall and Ellen Steele


  • AGES 4 8
  • 45mins

It’s a perfect, balmy night in the outback. Quinn and Eddie are getting back to nature, camping in the great outdoors. Emu and Quokka can’t take much more of their bush home being invaded by pesky humans.

All everyone wants is a little peace and quiet. But what is that strange noise coming from the gumtree? And will it ever stop so they can all get some rest before the sun comes up? It seems Koala has developed a particularly stubborn case of the hiccups.

Soon, our unlikely friends join forces to invent, sing and arm wrestle their way to the great hiccup cure.

Hiccup! is a hilarious rocking musical adventure about working together, finding friendship and how to, once and for all, stop the hiccups.


Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre
Adelaide, Australia
General $25, Families (2 adults + 2
children, 1 adult + 3 children)
$20pp, Groups (6+) $20pp
Transaction fees apply.
10 April
12:00pm | 2:30pm
11 April
12:00pm | 2:30pm
14 April
10:00am | 12:00pm | 2:30pm
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School Program

  • AGES 4 - 8
  • YEAR ELC > 3
  • 45mins
  • $15 per student / $10 equity
  • Contains loud noises, strobe effects and theatrical haze
Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre
Adelaide, Australia
Term 1
Week 11
07 April
08 April
10:00am | 12:00pm | 1:30pm
09 April
10:00am | 12:00pm | 1:30pm


  • Co-Creator, Writer, Director Ellen Steele
  • Co-Creator, Writer, Director Jude Henshall
  • Designer Jonathon Oxlade
  • Lighting Designer Chris Petridis
  • Cast Chiara Gabrielli
  • Cast Lachlan Micklethwait
  • Cast Nathan O’Keefe

Access and Inclusion

The session of Hiccup! at 12pm on Saturday 10 April will be audio described for blind or vision impaired patrons and Auslan interpreted for deaf or hard of hearing patrons.


A Windmill Theatre Company Production presented in association with Adelaide Festival Centre. Supported by the Windmill Studio Collective and The Advertiser.


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