Meet our Donors: Chris and Susan Stewart

Thanks to our valued donors we’re able to bring our works to children and families who might not otherwise get a chance to experience the theatre, from disadvantaged schools to regional centres. Meet another family who has been instrumental in supporting this mission.


While Chris and Susan Stewart have taken their two children to Windmill for many years, it is not their own experience with theatre that turned them from audience members to patrons. It was bringing the thrill of live performance to other children and families that inspired them.

‘Windmill take their shows out to regional areas and to schools and places that aren’t as privileged,’ Chris says.

He speaks of children who don’t have the opportunity to experience live theatre, ‘whether they be in regional areas or disadvantaged kids or underprivileged kids or parents who can’t afford to take their kids.’

Chris is effusive when he speaks of Windmill and the theatre’s work in the community: ‘We thought that was excellent to try and help the community at large.’

He adds, ‘You just know that the money is going to the right cause. It is being used really well.’

Now that Chris and Susan’s children have entered their teenage years, the Stewarts take pleasure in opening this opportunity to other families. They continue to give generously to the company.

‘We’ve been going for many years since they were quite little,’ Chris says. ‘We probably went to the first Windmill show – a couple before Pinocchio. Six, seven or even eight years ago.’

‘We really enjoyed taking the kids and introducing them to theatre and then decided to start contributing on a more regular basis.’

Not only do the Stewarts appreciate Windmill’s work, but also the company’s values and the people who work there.

‘It’s a really good organisation. It produces innovative and high-quality shows. What made us start donating was wanting to be more part of it and make that commitment and be part of that Windmill community.’

He continues, ‘The actual people at Windmill are really friendly. It’s just a nice thing to do.’

This sense of community as well as the unique experience of live theatre impressed Chris. He knows firsthand that Windmill’s work is, ‘done on a welcoming and unpretentious basis.’

With Chris and Susan’s support, Windmill can continue to provide educational programs to children of all backgrounds – something that the Stewarts relish.

To learn how you can play your part in the Windmill story, visit

By Jordan Archer

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