Spinning straw into gold is a party trick that will take you far. It can buy you a big house full of beautiful things, a wardrobe of designer clothes and a life of total luxury, but money, as they say, can’t buy you… Two people, once best friends, torn apart by desire for the things…


Once there was a lonely man with lots of love to give. He wanted a child so much that he carved himself a beautiful little boy. But the boy wanted the world and the latest designer sandshoes. He wanted fame, celebrity and to walk on the wild side. He was lured by temptation and the…

The Wizard of Oz

An adventure in a fantastical world of wonder somewhere over the rainbow… Exactly 70 years on from the iconic MGM film, we retell the much loved tale of Dorothy’s quest to find herself and her way back home. As a tribute to the magic and originality of this enduring adventure, our Wizard of Oz will…


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