Girl Who Cried Wolf

Meet Laura – habitual fibber and high school geek. Then there’s Catriona – the popular princess, upset because her jet-setting parents are going to miss her 13th birthday. Seeing an opportunity to score popularity points, Laura convinces Catriona to lure Mummy and Daddy back from OS. But as soon as their diabolical plan is set…

Escape From Peligro Island

Everything was normal on your flight over the ocean… until the plane went down and you crashed on an unknown island! Now there are vampires, time machines and superpowers to deal with, and any decision could mean life or death. The hardest part? It’s the audience who decides! This is choose-your-own-adventure theatre, and with your…

The Story Thieves

Put on your headphones and take your own personal journey to the very heart of this immersive fairy-tale experience. Combining art, design, sound and storytelling, this unique installation work reveals different perspectives and surprises depending on the direction you travel. Featuring frozen parents, telepathic twins, a spooky journey through a bat cave and an unforgettable…


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