Antony Makhlouf

Antony Makhlouf

Antony Makhlouf is a multidisciplinary creative working as a visual artist, television presenter and actor. He is best known for his role on Get Arty teaching art techniques airing on Channel 7 in Australia and on Discovery Kids in New Zealand and South East Asia. His intricate illustrative artworks and socially-charged photographic pieces have been…

Christine Johnston

Christine Johnston is an Australian performing artist/writer/singer who became known on the Brisbane arts and live-music scenes from the late 1980s for her dramatic visual performances combining music, voice and her signature style of humour. She continues to create a diversity of performance and musical works for events, festivals, art galleries, theatre, comedy, short film,…

Sheridan Harbridge

Sheridan is an actor, playwright, singer and comedienne, graduating from NIDA in 2006. Her musical Songs for the Fallen won Best Musical, and Outstanding actress at the New York Music Theatre Festival in 2015, and has toured Australia and New Zealand. She collaborated with UK cult band The Tiger Lillies on Cockatoo Island for the Biennale…

Lucas Stibbard

Lucas Stibbard makes theatre and performance work. His work with The Escapists, a multi-disciplinary collective he co-founded, has included co-writing, co-directing, producing and performing in the critically acclaimed, multi-award winning boy girl wall (for which he received a Helpmann Award nomination for best actor), Elephant Gun for the World Theatre Festivals in 2011/12,  Attack of the Attacking Attackers! and Packed. Lucas has worked…

Fleur Elise Noble

Fleur is a maker of all things visual. She works with the mediums of drawing, sculpture, animation, film, puppetry, projection and performance to create 3-dimensional projection performances, akin to giant paper pop-up books that come to life. She studied on scholarships at art schools in Adelaide (ACSA) and New York (NYSS). Her most renowned work to date is her visual performance…

Renato Musolino

Renato is a graduate of the Centre for the Performing. His STCSA credits include The Seagull, The Comedy of Errors, The Kreutzer Sonata, In the Next Room, Three Sisters, The Zoo Story, The Misanthrope, King Lear, Mnemonic and Blue/Orange. In 2003 he undertook a mentorship/ observership at The Actors Studio in New York City. Credits include Amadeus, Romeo and…


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