Meg Wilson

Meg Wilson

Meg Wilson is an Adelaide-based interdisciplinary artist who works predominantly with large-scale and often site-specific installation and performance. She aims to provoke imposed perplexity, uneasiness and a sense of drama in the everyday. As Designer, Meg has worked with Vitalstatistix, Foul Play, Carclew, No Strings Attached, Act Now and Restless Dance, collaborating with artists such…

Fleur Elise Noble

Fleur is a maker of all things visual. She works with drawing, painting, sculpture, animation, film, puppetry, projection and performance having studied at art schools in Adelaide (ACSA) and New York (NYSS). Fleur’s most renowned work to date is 2-Dimensional Life of Her, which was invited to perform at over 40 venues and festivals around…


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