Ross McHenry

Ross McHenry

Ross McHenry is a multi-award winning composer, bass player and from Adelaide, South Australia. His original compositions encompass a broad range of influences including jazz, contemporary electronic and chamber music. Ross’ work reflects the unique and changing cultural landscape of Australian creative music and aims to explore the idea of modern Australian cultural identity within…

Julie Orchard

Julie trained as a junior primary teacher majoring in drama and later went on to complete her Master of Education. From 2002 to 2017, she was a registered teacher seconded from DECD to Windmill Theatre Co as Arts Education Manager. Julie has worked widely in arts education for over 25 years, predominantly in drama education,…

Rob Evans

Robert Alan Evans is a writer, director and devisor based in London. Past work for Catherine Wheels includes Kes, Pobby and Dingan, Caged (based on Beauty and the Beast), Kappa and The Ballad of Pondlife McGurk. Other work for young people includes Peter Pan and The Sleeping Beauties for Sherman Cymru and most recently two…

Gill Robertson

In 2000, Gill co-created Catherine Wheels Theatre Co. Their first production, the award- winning Martha, has toured the world. Created shortly after, Lifeboat won the 2004 Theatre Management Association (TMA) Best Show for Children and Young People. It has toured nationally and internationally and was the first Scottish theatre production to appear at the Sydney…

Andy Manley

Andy’s a theatre artist from the UK. He has worked extensively as an actor, director and devisor and been involved with children’s theatre companies in Scotland and has performed/co-created numerous Catherine Wheels Theatre Co productions. They include Martha, The Ballad of Pondlife McGurk and the multi-award winning production White, which is touring around the world….

Lucas Stibbard

Lucas Stibbard makes theatre and performance work. His work with The Escapists, a multi-disciplinary collective he co-founded, has included co-writing, co-directing, producing and performing in the critically acclaimed, multi-award winning boy girl wall (for which he received a Helpmann Award nomination for best actor), Elephant Gun for the World Theatre Festivals in 2011/12,  Attack of the Attacking Attackers! and Packed. Lucas has worked…

Chris Edser

Chris Edser currently lives and draws in Adelaide, Australia. He has worked in a diverse range of areas – from theatre to sports, classical music to novelty rock bands, wine to beer – so you’ll probably find something to talk to him about. Chris animates characters, carves things out of wood, was once a member…


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