Making Lemonade: Introducing Honey, I’m Home

Chris Edser, Jonathon Oxlade and Renate Henschke had a really great idea. We had creatives on the payroll who couldn’t perform or go on tour onstage due to public safety restrictions relating to COVID-19.

It was the perfect opportunity for us to Make Lemonade.

Made possible by funding support from Arts South Australia’s COVID-19 Arts Grant Support Program – Arts Organisations Collaboration Grants, animator Chris Edser, designer and maker Renate Henschke and Windmill’s Resident Designer Jonathon Oxlade are creating a new animated series for, about and from isolation. Honey, I’m Home will see them team up with actors from Windmill’s roster of onstage talent to create a series of short episodes about the strange times we find ourselves in. Combining illustration, stop-motion animation and sculpture, the series will see the artists use household objects to create a funny, poignant and highly unique take on life in isolation.

Each of these artists have worked extensively with Windmill, as well as working broadly across stage and screen locally, nationally and internationally. Receiving the grant will enable them to use their incredible skills to create a quirky and wholly original document of our times.

When asked about the genesis of Honey, I’m Home, Chris, Renate and Jonathon said, “Art documents its times. While this situation, requiring social distance and isolation, is totally counterintuitive to our live artform, working outside the comfort zone of our known practice produces startling and unexpected results. In its own way.”

For Windmill we can see how Coronavirus has created a feeding ground for our artists’ imaginations. Honey, I’m Home will be an artistic vehicle to capture and capitalise on this phenomenon.

In addition to providing the artists with access to actors, Windmill is providing infrastructure, production and artistic support. The final product will be released via Windmill’s new online platform, Windmill at Home.

Production has started, characters are being designed and whole worlds are being created from the comfort of our very own homes.

Would you like to get involved?

Your donation will go directly towards putting our artists to work on a truly exciting new creative venture. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and we appreciate your generosity during this incredibly difficult time.

With Honey, I’m Home, we’re making something sweet out of a particularly bitter situation. Click here to donate and help us make lemonade!

By Anthony Nocera

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