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Creation Creation

A comprehensive education resource that promises to answer your most burning questions about Creation Creation... sort of

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A deep-dive on all things Creation Creation

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Documentary Project

A collaboration between students and artists on a series of short documentary films

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A free, comprehensive study tool for teachers linked to the Australian Curriculum.

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About Creation Creation

How did we get here? Are aliens real? And is it possible to lick your elbow?

Based on interviews with members of the South Australian community aged between 8-102, Creation Creation is a documentary theatre work  about life’s biggest mysteries.

We’ve asked two fearless creators to step onto the stage and attempt to unravel the mysteries of the universe using whatever tools they have at their disposal. Blankets become forts, carboard boxes become battleships and ping pong balls become planets in this hilarious explosion of art, sculpture and puppetry.

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We've got the answers

While writing the script for Creation Creation, Roslyn Oades collected over 35 hours of interviews with the general public, which she edited down into a 50 minute audio script.

Artists in Residence

The Creation Creation Artist in Residence Program was an epic collaboration between Windmill, artists Fleur Elise Noble, Chris Edser and Tim Bennett and the students of Clovelly Park Primary School.

Students were invited to answer some of the burning mysteries explored in the show Creation Creation and then worked with Noble, Edser and Bennett to create a series of stop-motion animations that depicted their findings.

At Windmill we’re always in awe of the thoughtfulness and sophistication of young people. The Artists in Residence project shows these brilliant young students at their most inquisitive, crafty and clever.

We hope you enjoy watching their creations and create your own documentary works in the classroom.

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Study Guide

This Creation Creation study guide provides in-depth information about the ideas underpinning show, the creatives involved and about the form of documentary theatre.

Created in association with the creative team, award-winning documentary theatre artists Roslyn Oades and education consultant Deanne Bullen, our study guide combines digital experiences with in-class activities so that ideas and learnings from Creation Creation can be seamlessly integrated into lesson plans.

The guide is linked to The Australian Curriculum.

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This resource is proudly supported by the South Australian Department for Education and the Lang Foundation.


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