Girl Asleep

Media Release: A free screening of Girl Asleep

Windmill Theatre Co in association with Umbrella Entertainment and Producer Jo Dyer of Soft Tread are working together again to bring the community a free screening of their award-winning film, Girl Asleep to enjoy while socially isolating. Girl Asleep, written by Matthew Whittet and based on the stage show of the same name, will be film…

Bethany Whitmore: Girl Awake

With all of the attention on the filmmakers behind Girl Asleep, we spoke to its leading lady, Bethany Whitmore. They say that 90% of directing a movie is in the casting, and with Bethany Whitmore in the leading role of Greta in Girl Asleep, director Rosemary Myers and her team struck gold. “One day, I…

Girl Asleep director Rosemary Myers jumps from theatre to film

I know this was originally a piece of theatre; what made you want to adapt it for the screen? When we made the play we always knew we were going to make the film. The play is a standalone play, but it was a great chance to test the story out really thoroughly and learn…

Australian release of Girl Asleep announced for 8 September

Umbrella Entertainment is thrilled to announce the Australian release of the internationally lauded, coming-of-age comic drama Girl Asleep on Thursday 8 September, with a series of advance Q&A events featuring key cast members taking place across the country. Based on the acclaimed production by Adelaide’s Windmill Theatre, Girl Asleep is a journey into the absurd,…


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